1968 Foundation of WDV as System House for Scientific Data Processing
1969-1972Development and production of a modular laboratory data acquisition system for the IBM 1130 process control computer. Marketing through IBM
1973-1976 System house for scientific computer applications; software and hardware for the following applications systems were developed:
- Laboratory automation in clinics
- Real time acquisition of analogue and digital data
- Process data acquisition and processing
1977Distribution of VERSATEC electrostatic plotters
1978-1986 Development and production of control units for connecting plotters to IBM and CDC mainframes
1980 Introduction of the first plot manager with WDV GSVP data conversion to the market
1983Distribution of CalComp electrostatic plotters
1987WDV presents the first HPGL compatible controller for a colour thermo transfer plotter
1988Presentation of WDV 2400, the first A3 laser plotter with direct output of HPGL, CalComp, TIFF and CGM files. Connectivity to IBM mainframes using 3174 protocol on Coax
1990Market introduction of WDV 800CL, the first world-wide multifunctional colour laser plotter
1991 WDV moves into its own company building north of Munich; 15 Mil. DM was invested in constructing a 6,000 m²building with development, production and storage areas on 10,000 m² of real estate
1993Presentation of WDV Genius, a PC based plot manager with automatic detection of plot language
1996 WDV ARTIST 8400 is presented. It is the first large-format LED plotter with an "embedded graphic controller" made by WDV
1997/I WDV becomes Contex OEM-Partner
1997/II WDV presents two complete digital reprographic systems for copying, plotting, scanning and archiving
1998 Introduction of an archiving and document management system with repro-management
1999/IWDV takes over customer base of CalComp Inc. for Europe including maintenance contracts, spare part depot and service
1999/IIPresentation of the new WDV ARTIST 8600 large-format LED plotter and the new WDV ReproCENTER 8640 with online folding system to the market. First plot system in the market with a fully integrated A3/A4 laser printe
1999/III softplot GmbH is established as a subsidiary of WDV GmbH. Its focus is to be the development of software solutions for raster processing, plot management, converters, and archiving programs
2000WDV becomes business partner for HP Designjet plotters; WDV starts offering total service and maintenance for the HP plotter at all service locations
2001 Introduction of the new WDV ARTIST 8200, the lowest-price large-format LED plotter in the market with 400 dpi resolution
2002WDV ARTIST 8600 XXL a LED plotter for printing documents up to 60m length is introduced. First used by AIRBUS to produce long plots for the development of Airbus
A 380
2003/IEstablishment of WDV Services with focus on professional scan, copy, plot, archiving and fine art printing services
2003/II WDV becomes Distributor for Contex in Germany
2004 WDV presents the newly developed, powerful embedded PC-Controller "PLOTMASTER" with Windows CE platform
2006 WDV becomes KIP Partner
2007 Introduction of the high-performance LED-Plotter WDV ARTIST 9600 with web based plot management
2008WDV presents the new 3D colour printer ZPrinter 650 at EUROMOLD 2008
2009 Introduction of flexible multi-function scan and copy solutions: WDV 9650 SD ReproCenter and WDV 9650 HD ReproCenter
2010WDV plotters with new stamping function for printouts for easy identification of users
2011 WDV drivers now Microsoft certified and compatible with Windows7
2012 WDV printers/plotters with new "long plot" option of PDF and PostScript files with more than 30m length
2013 Co-operation with the US company Fabrisonic LLC, 3D Metal Printer
2014 WDV expands the product portfolio as official KIP distributor

2015 WDV becomes HP Page Wide XL Certified Gold Partner

2016 WDV expands 3D printers portfolio (FDM/FFF technology)