es-te Folding Systems

High Quality Wide Format Folding Systems

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es-te Offline Folding Systems

  • Easy and convenient manual paper feed
  • Outstanding price-performance even for small volumes
  • Precise foldig of blue prints, copies or color prints – sharp edged and accurate to the millimetre 

estefold 2300

Cost-effective large format plan folder with digital control. Easy to use, extremely reliable with outstanding long life.

estefold 4210
Versatile automatic offline folder for fanfold and cross-fold at one pass. The folder can be linked to the tab applicator. Perfect finishing for long runs.

es-te Online Folding Systems

  • Fully automatic paper feed directly from the printer
  • Enables unattended printing from multiple work stations
  • Perfectly suited for medium to high volumes 

estefold 2400

Entry-level online folding systems for almost any printing system.

estefold 4211
Heavy-duty folder with adjustable bridge and direct online connection to almost every plotter and copying system on the market. Excellent performance at three speeds: 4m/min, 8 m/min and 15 m/min.

estefold 4211-HP
estefold 4211-HP is a heavy-duty folder with adjustable bridge and direct connection to HP's Designjet 4500, Z6100 and T7100.
Computer-aided folding of large format copies and plots. Fully automatic, so it can run overnight, for example. Ideal for medium to high print volumes. It handles all document sizes up to a width of 930 mm and a length of 4m (6m option available, 2.500 mm for cross fold). Folding to standard DIN formats and other sizes.