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Drawing Board VI Series


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DrawingBoard VI Series - Large Format Digitizer and Small Format Graphic Tablets

Quick and easy setup along with advanced integration features makes DrawingBoard VI the digitizer of choice for any size project and for all CAD/CAM/CAE, architectural, GIS, textile and engineering applications.
When your work demands precision data input over a large surface area, you need a digitizing tablet with resolution and accuracy that are equal to the task the DrawingBoard VI digitizer.

Create comprehensive and precise designs

The large-format digitizer is the industry leader in resolution and accuracy for blueprint measuring. With a wide range of sizes, there’s a DrawingBoard VI large format digitizer to fit every digitizing application in design, architecture, engineering, textiles, mapping and GIS.

DrawingBoard VI systems feature integrated USB and RS-232 Serial connections. When connected through a USB, no power supply is required simplifying setup and operation.

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  • Resolution up to 12.700 lines per inch
  • Absolute Accuracy: ±0.010 in, ±0.005 in and ±0.002 in
  • 16-button cursor, cordless or corded
  • 4-button cursor, cordless or corded
  • Illuminated 16-button cursor with high-accuracy digitizers
  • Cordless or corded click tip pen with two side buttons
  • No power supply required for USB connection
  • Software Drivers Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
  • Hardware Interface USB, RS-232 Serial (requires optional power supply)
  • Easy to install
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Programmable macros (RS-232 only)

Use cursors and stylus pens to inspire and enhance productivity. DrawingBoard VI supports a variety of pointing devices that consolidate several tasks into a single and convenient operation.
By assigning specific program functions to these buttons, you’ll increase efficiency and improve production times.

VersaTable is the perfect companion for DrawingBoard VI. Easy to install pedestal provides greater functionality and a stable platform for precise and superior designs. All components are adjustable to suit personal preference.