Contex ScanStationPro

The most efficient way to scan, copy, file or archive any wide-format document

Contex ScanStation Pro
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Productivity for Large Format
The NEW ScanStation facilitates your large-format workflow and is designed specifically for productivity, powered by new unique features that reduce the digitization process.
Get best-in-class image quality and the most efficient way to scan, copy, file and archive any wide-format document.
With 30% more productivity than your current scanner, you get an unmatched Return Of Investment.

The all-included solution elements
The Contex ScanStation includes a high-volume scanner, ScanStation controller with high-end features for scan + copy and a height adjustable stand.

REimage - A Contex Productivity Technology
With REimage there is no need to retrieve and rescan your original paper documents. Virtually go back to your RAW scans and capture specific contents, which you did not choose to include in your first file formats. We call it REimage, only available with Contex ScanStations.

Contex SD One Grossformatscanner
  - IQ Quattro 4450
  - IQ Quattro 4490
Contex SD One Plus Grossformatscanner
  - HD Ultra i4250s
  - HD Ultra i4290s
Contex Scansoftware
  Nextimage Repro Scan- and Copy-


The Contex ScanStation is available in solutions with HD Ultra 42 inch, IQ Quattro 44 inch, or HD 54 inch scanner:

Contex HD Ultra i4250s ScanStationPro
Contex HD Ultra i4290s ScanStationPro
Contex HD 5450 ScanStationPro
Contex IQ Quattro 4450 ScanStationPro
Contex IQ Quattro 4490 ScanStationPro

Contex Distributor

  • 21.5" Multi Touch Widescreen optional left or right side
  • Working Height: adjustable stand
    IQ Quattro 44 ScanStationPro: 32.8 / 33.8 / 34.8 inch;
    HD Ultra 42 ScanStationPro: 36.3 / 37.3 / 38.3 inch ;
    HD 54 ScanStationPro: 36.0 / 37.0 / 38.0 inch
  • Nextimage scan and copy software
  • Scanning Speed: up to 8 inch/sec.* and 14 inch/sec.** DIN A0 in RGB
  • Optical Resolution: 1200 dpi / 508 dpi***, maximum Resolution 9600 dpi
  • Maximum Scan Width: 42 inch / 44 inch / 54 inch
  • Maximum Media Width: 44 inch / 47 inch / 56 inch

*   Contex HD Ultra i4290s ScanStation Pro

**  Contex IQ Quattro 4490 ScanStationPro

*** Contex HD 5450 PLUS ScanStationPro

Contex Distributor