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Contex HD Ultra

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Highest speed, superior productifity, professional colour-management
Use the advantages of the best large format scanner available. Scan, copy, file and archive your dokuments! The Contex HD Ultra Scanner has been developed for highest requirements of technical experts, graphic-designers and repro- and print services and provides best image quality.

With the fastest and most efficient scan-solution you can increase productivity enormously: the Contex HD Ultra Large-format scanner is able to scan three times as many documents a day as any other scanner and fits perfectly in your working environment. Compatibile with AutoCAD®, ESRI® and other software as well as with printers like HP, Canon or Epson, the HD Ultra is astonishingly versatile.

Contex HD Ultra is available in six versions. Users can choose between colour or monochrome models with different scan-speeds and widths. All models can be fully upgraded and have as a standard 1200 dpi and Gigabit Ethernet.
HD Ultra is available even as multi-function unit: MFP solution with high-stand option turns this large-format printer into a high quality copier while saving space.

Contex Distributor

  • Scanning Speed up to 203 mm/sec. (colour) and 304 mm/sec. (monochrome)
  • Optical Resolution 1200 dpi, maximum Resolution 9600 dpi
  • 5 x 4-linear color CCD technology (RGB and Gray) with Fujifilm lenses
  • Gigabit Ethernet and USB 2.0 with xDTR2
  • Full 48-Bit workflow
  • Colour Space Adobe RGB / Device RGB / RAW RGB / sRGB
  • Automated paper thickness contol
  • Intelligent document size detection
  • Funnel-shaped paper-feeder for easyer paper supply
  • Energy Star compliant
  • Contex Distributor