Contex HD 5450 Scanner

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Contex HD 5450
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When wide format just is not enough..
This is a sizable scanner with a sensitive side. Featuring our advanced imaging technology, it's the ultimate choice for your extra-large, full-color scanning and copying needs.

The Contex HD 5450 wide format scanner is among the fastest in the business with up to 12''/s (304,8 mm/s) scanning speeds. Truly a workhorse that can handle very large originals with speed and ease. With 508 dpi optical resolution, the combination of highly sensitive 4-channel CCD cameras and full-sized high-quality camera lenses, the HD 5400 scanner provides the best image quality.

The 54" (1372 mm) imaging area is designed to facilitate archival and reprographic tasks with a wide variety of very large technical documents, maps and drawings and colour posters. When you want productivity and reliability, the HD 5400 scanner gives you the best performance and the highest return on your investment.

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  • 54" (1372 mm) imaging area for all kind of documents up to A0
  • Thick originals – up to 0.6" (15mm)
  • 48-bit color and 16-bit grayscale image data capture from high quality CCD technology
  • Ultra-fast USB 2.0 Interface with xDTR (Extended Data Transfer Rate)
  • On-board Image Processing: Built-in Sharpen, Blur, Descreen, Error Diffusion, Adaptive Thresholding
  • Scan-to-Net function for scanner sharing over a network, and sending files to remote PCs
  • Color calibration to sRGB color space
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